EXCITING NEWS: Linda May, Hilton & Hyland New Affiliation

Dearest Friends and Colleagues,

I am so very excited to announce my new affiliation with Hilton & Hyland, the leading luxury real estate company based in Beverly Hills.
Along with their cutting edge marketing, global outreach and their affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate, Hilton & Hyland has become the leader in luxury real estate and stand alone. For my client base, I cannot think of a better place to market properties, stay current with market trends, provide customer service at the highest possible level and be informed.

For all those reasons and many more, my partner, Guy Levy, and I have joined Jeff Hyland, Rick Hilton and their esteemed colleagues in this new and promising year ahead.
I look forward to talking to each and every one of you about this exciting move and how it will impact doing a better job for my clients and friends.

Hilton & Hyland Welcome Linda May:…/hilton–hyland-welcome-linda-ma…

Linda May Properties, Estate Director
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250 North Cañon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
310.492.0735 direct
310.435.5932 cell
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BRE: 00475038

CHRISTIE’S International Real Estate

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Team Specialists

Guy Levy, Partner
[email protected]
310.492.0734 direct
310.710.6766 cell
310.464.0660 fax
BRE: 01374536

Megan C. Roberts, Marketing Director
[email protected]
310.492.0735 direct
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