From 0 to 60: Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary Celebration in Beverly Hills

Last weekend, Ferrari celebrated its 60th anniversary in the United States. The event was, of course, on Rodeo Drive here in Beverly Hills (just a couple blocks away from my office)!! Attendance included: celebrities, luxury car collectors, fans and other high profile Ferrari enthusiasts.

The highly publicized event showcased a public display of the 60 most iconic and rare Ferrari’s parked along one of the most expensive streets in the county! What a sight to see! The impressive lineup displayed Ferrari’s entire presence in America’s market from the past six decades. There was also a 1,000 Ferrari car parade for the fete, making it one of the largest Ferrari gatherings within the company’s history!!!

The highlight of the event though, appeared to be the unveiling of the ultra-limited edition F60 America, built (and already sold) to just ten US devoted Ferrari customers, which set them back $3.12 million dollars! What a fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime event!

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