Hollywood Homes

It’s the well-known center of Los Angeles. Hollywood is famous for its film industry, which is the most dominant and recognized in the world. But it’s more than just the film industry and the Los Angeles location that draws people to the area. This section of the city boasts an exciting and ethnically diverse region. The community of Hollywood also has an economically varied retail district that current residents enjoy visiting in their leisure time. Prospective buyers of Hollywood homes and real estate should start their search at one place: Linda May Properties.

The Hollywood Dream

Hollywood homes for sale are located amidst a vibrant and historic community, which makes it one of the most exciting places to live in America. The bustling and glamourous lifestyle of its residents has earned the area the nicknames “Tinseltown” and “Movie Biz City.” The community represents the American dream of success and prosperity as well as an exciting lifestyle that places importance on enjoyment as well as professionalism. Mimicking the warm, Mediterranean climate, many of the Hollywood luxury homes feature architecture that is reminiscent of Italian villas. One such sub-community that has done this is Whitley Heights, which is on the hills above Hollywood Boulevard and was the first of many celebrity communities in the area. Other areas here include Spaulding Square, Thai Town, Franklin Village, and Little Armenia.

A Glimpse into a Hollywood Education

There are many schools that serve the diverse families that have made luxurious Hollywood houses their home. For families interested into investing in a Hollywood house, there is a school to meet any family’s needs. The public schools are a part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. There are four public elementary schools in the community including Gardner Street, Selma Avenue, Vine Street, and Hollywood Primary Center. Joseph LeConte and Hubert Howe Bancroft schools are the middle schools that serve the community. The high schools are Hollywood and Helen Bernstein. The Los Angeles Unified School District also offers the Hollywood Community Adult School for its residents who hope to continue their education. There are also many prestigious private and charter schools in the community. These schools include Grant Elementary, Young Hollywood Elementary, Blessed Sacrement, Beverly Hills RC School, Hollywood Schoolhouse, T.C.A. Arshag Dickranian School, Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter, Larchmont Charter, and Cheder Menachem.

Amenities and Attractions

There are many historical attractions in the area that current residents and tourists both enjoy visiting. One of the most iconic features of the Hollywood real estate landscape is the “Hollywood” sign that sits atop Mount Lee. Historic film studios also draw residents to the area. Examples of such locations are the site of the first Walt Disney Studio and the old Warner Brothers Studio. Other notable locations include the Dolby Theater, the Lake Hollywood Reservoir, the Crossroads of the World, and many more. Hollywood is also the location of many events throughout the year that draw celebrities and residents alike. The most famous of the events are the Academy Awards and the Oscars. There is also the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, which is one of the many reasons that this community is as family-friendly as it is star-studded. North Hollywood homes for sale not only promise prospective buyers a beautiful home, but an exciting lifestyle.

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