I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at Inman’s Luxury Connect Conference at The Beverly Hills Hotel on October 19th!!! Get your tickets today!

The Conference:

Luxury Connect is a hand curated event featuring 500 of the world’s top producing agents and brokers. In addition to a full-day of thought-provoking content designed to elevate your business, Luxury Connect includes access to evening soirees at Beverly Hills’ most coveted property listings, providing an exclusive and intimate setting in which to build your referral network.

Why You Should Attend:

Indulge in a rare peek inside the new luxury playbook and glean secrets from the most successful in the business.

Cultivate your contact list as you network with the most notable names in real estate, all of whom will be in attendance.

Exclusivity. Tickets are only available to agents and brokers (no vendors) and are extremely limited in number

My Panel:

Too Many Agents on a Listing = Too Much Confusion and Too Little Money: Is the proliferation of shared listings between companies a boon for sellers,  training ground for inexperienced agents or a disconcerting trend that will lead to a lower commissions overall?


To see the full schedule of panels and speakers, click here.

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