Linda May
Residential Broker

Hilton & Hyland
257 North Cañon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Office: (310) 492-0735
Fax: (310) 464-0660

Linda May is one of Los Angeles’ most dedicated and successful real estate brokers.


Mastering the art of the deal defines Linda May, one of Los Angeles’ most dedicated and successful real estate brokers. With an outstanding reputation for representing the top echelon of the who’s who in the city, Linda has become the deal maker for hundreds of satisfied buyers and sellers in the luxury residential real estate market during her last 30 years in business.A San Francisco native, Linda had plans to become an interior designer when a top real estate agent recognized her passion for houses and urged her to venture into real estate. Linda found that as a real estate broker she could seamlessly combine her passions: architecture, design, the arts, and people. She soon moved to Los Angeles, the city that became her adopted home, and redefined the luxury real estate market.

Linda first established her name in West Los Angeles’ highly competitive real estate market with her own boutique firm, Caverhill and May. Over the next 9 years, she developed the negotiating skills that began her trajectory into luxury real estate sales, breaking sales records with double-digit prices for the last 25 years. She then moved on to create Linda May Properties, establishing a self-branding technique as a part of a real estate agent’s professional image. Never done before, this innovative approach has now become a common trend and a staple among her peers. Today, Linda May Properties allows her to enhance her stature by working as an independent entity under the large corporate umbrella of Hilton & Hyland, a recognized leader in luxury real estate. This translates well for her clients. Each of the unique properties that Linda works with is given individualized marketing strategies not just locally and nationally but globally, as well. With the support of a strong corporate brand, Linda is able to handle all of her clients’ real estate needs, continuously working for their best interests. Customer service is always at the forefront of every choice Linda makes. This is the hallmark of her real estate practice. It is a standard that she and her outstanding team meet every day, which is why the majority of her business continues to be repeat or referral clients.

Her passion for architecture, design,people and art is an integral part of everything she does, including her community involvement. Within her own neighborhood, Linda is on the board of the Wallis Annenberg Cultural Center in Beverly Hills. She has also served a project close to her heart as a board member and Board Chair of Aviva Family and Child Services, a school and residential treatment center for at-risk teenage girls. As a Charter Founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), a patron of the L.A. Opera and a member of the Overseer’s Board of the L.A. Philharmonic, Linda works to share her vision of civic betterment with all of Los Angeles.

The trajectory of Los Angeles’ explosive growth over the last 30 years is what keeps Linda excited for the future. Her deep understanding of the city and enthusiasm for its future gives her the unmatched ability to spot social and value trends in Los Angeles’ ever-evolving neighborhoods. Linda has gained insight into the city that comes with witnessing a city like Beverly Hills transform from the charming movie industry town of the 1970's to the explosive international and cultural metropolis it is today. Linda’s connection to the city allows her to participate and be involved in the city’s evolution.Each change Los Angeles undergoes offers Linda an opportunity to see what this vibrant city is capable of.

The city’s landscape is in the midst of a cultural, financial, and lifestyle paradigm shift. With the dawn of tech and it’s growing involvement in the entertainment/media industry, a more sophisticated, informed and accomplished group of individuals has been inspired to live and thrive in Los Angeles.

“They could live in New York and any other city, but L.A. offers a casual atmosphere that stimulates creativity. There is a tremendous sense of freedom and experimentation in Los Angeles,” says Linda.

Linda’s success story is the perfect example of the vast opportunity in Los Angeles and what it means to live your luxury.